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21 September
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So, this is me. I talk about fandom, politics, cycling, cats, and whatever else I happen to be obsessed with at the moment. Jump right in! Obsess with me! It's definitely more fun that way.

I tend to get behind on actually watching episodes, as I am too irresponsible to watch television, but my main fandoms right now are Kradam, Lambliff, SGA, Supernatural, Jsquared, Doctor Who, and Torchwood (except for CoE, which DID NOT HAPPEN LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU). I'm not completely caught up on pretty much any of them (see: too irresponsible to watch television), but I'm not spoilerphobic about it. I'm just now getting around to watching Buffy and Angel, and I *am* spoilerphobic about those, so please try not to tell me anything unless I already know it? I guess? Also, summer is cycling season, so bear with me. I know pretty much no one else cares. But, um...Tom Boonen is hot?

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